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Yea so I’d say sure, but I’ll tell you guys what I do.#1 I smile while talk and I’ll listen and chat to you durning our whole encounter, and I don’t do that with everyone, anyone else #2 I fidget, mess my bangs up, shift my legs around, lean, kinda clumsy not too much but I might drop a paper or forget my things..

ince it’s a reality that most women will do anything and everything to hide their attraction to serve their best interest, doesn’t looking for all the signs or waste time trying to “figure her out” seem like a losing battle in a game you can’t win? Acting secure in who you are or what you do is not that difficult at all because most men are born with all they will ever need to create attraction in ANY woman. The cool part about taking the lead is a woman’s attraction develops slowly over time.

This means if she agrees but is not feeling it, this can easily be changed.

Sometimes they’re very obvious but that’s usually when they’re giggling or “acting” aloof around some tall model looking stud.

And since most of us guys are NOT blessed with being handsome and having a great body that leaves the rest of us wondering about our female co-workers… The very same organ which ruin your chances with any woman can also do the opposite and increase your chances too.

When it comes to women it’s a little different, isn’t it?

Women seem to hide their attraction or interest as if it’s goes against some social standards or goes against their best interest to show it publicly.

How we can tell if she IS attracted to us so we can ask her out or do whatever comes next so we’re not publicly rejected or ruin a work environment or even cross the lines of sexual harassment? Women are looking for guys who will take a lead with little or no fear.

Let me first say why I HATE this question AND then I’ll give you the answer which has worked for me for years when it was given t me. If you believed in yourself enough you might ask, A little confidence goes a long way in building attraction and even if she’s only feeling it a little (which is normal) it CAN be built higher. Asking it also implies it might be too late anyways because you missed the opportunity to move forward. Let’s not get into all the reasons why but if you’re constantly waiting for HER to move forward – I’m willing to bet everything that you’re not getting many real dates with the women you want.

I can not tell you how many opportunities with women I missed when I was too wrapped up in trying to figure out IF a woman (coworker or not) was attracted to me. ttracting women is YOUR ability to be the man you want to be without resorting to lame manipulative tactics. Find out by joining today and gaining access to lots of free reports to help you succeed with women. I’m a girl and I this guy to know I like him, and I was looking for an article that says what men look for..

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