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For anyone out there who believes there aren’t any good singles out there over a certain age – this belief is simply false.

I am a strong believer in dealing with my ‘stuff’ – you know all my baggage, ways of thinking that don’t work, how I feel about myself,etc.

This puts me in the right place to meet the person who fits me the best.

It can be all too easy to feel that you are in a great place and have everything sorted when you are single, whereas relationships will raise stuff for you and press your buttons.

My six months was a great experience and taught me so much. When we were together things were great, I really loved the conversations we had – we could literally talk about anything and everything.

I had remained friends with a guy I had dated and who I had sabotaged what could have been a good relationship.

For several years we had a good/close friendship and while I remained friends with him I didn’t really want to date as I think he filled the need for male company and some form of connection.

The flip side was he reminded me of ‘failure’ and this affected how I felt about myself as I ended up feeling ‘not good enough’, especially when he started dating.

When I cut the ties I felt so much better and wondered why I remained friends with him for so long.

I have to say it was a fun six months and I learnt a lot about myself in this time.

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