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the vampire was particularly attracted to the scent of her blood, and was having a difficult time restraining himself from killing her." Meyer's original characters were unnamed; she took to calling the characters, who would later become Edward Cullen and Bella, 'he' and 'she' for the purpose of convenience as she, "didn't want to lose the dream." The name 'Isabella' was decided upon, Meyer explains, because "after spending so much time with [the character], I loved her like a daughter. Inspired by that love, I gave her the name I was saving for my daughter,...

Isabella." Bella, who first appears in Twilight, is a 17-year-old girl, who moves out from her mother's home in Phoenix, Arizona, to live with her father, Charlie Swan, a police chief, in her birthplace of Forks, Washington.

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Even though Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's real-life love story fizzled out, there was a time when they were happily together and hey, the world has five movies worth of romance to look back on.

In honor of the anniversary of the movie's release date, we're taking a trip down memory lane and looking back on both Edward and Bella and Rob and Kristen's relationships and the parallels between them.

Forks, Washington is not full of vampires and werewolves and neither is any where else. Na of course there not i wish the stories were real thoe!

First of all no because Edward Cullen is not real, nor is Bella Swan. I think you're talking about Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart, they are dating on and off in real life.

It was a major moment for fans to see these two who were obviously meant to be officially become husband and wife.

And their wedding was one of the cutest in movie history!

In real life Jacob and Bella are Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

They have spoken in public interviews about their being as close in real life as they are as Jacob and Bella.

She comes to care deeply for Jacob, though less than she loves Edward.

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