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Many have argued that the caucasian female wants the black woman’s life.This stance can be supported with the increase of plastic surgery including buttox implants, dating high-profile black men, and other actions taken by caucasian women.Ruthie's crazy story doesn't end there, and she and Drew do their best to examine her entire journey and how she was able to persevere and find a way back to living a rich and fulfilling life.

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Drew Podcast as Drew turns to the phones and speaks to callers with a wide variety of questions ranging from a question about a-sexuality to testosterone supplementation and everything in between.

Author and political marketing expert Phillip Stutts joins Dr.

The “rejected” woman in red on “Life Changers” today was Deena Jacobs, a semi well-known You Tube ranter who appeared on the reality TV show “H8R” after sending in a video explaining why she hates Kim Kardashian for “stealing our shine” via her big booty and black boyfriends.

From her appearance on “H8R,” it’s clear she has an issue with interracial dating, but it’s because of her own self-admitted jealousy that Kim Kardashian capitalized on an asset that’s not exactly novel among black women. No, being jealous of Kim K.’s huge behind does not qualify one for anything. She’s not trying to solve an issue that is touchy and serious to a lot of black men and women.

Drew and his staff apparently chose to use the most over-the-top black You Tube stars they could find.

Thanks to a fabulous reader who alerted us over email, we cracked the case on a few of the guests who appeared on the show.

Drew for a long form podcast about both Phillip's work in the space of digital marketing and disruption as well as a deep dive on the Esophageal Achalasia that Phillip has been battling for years and trying to find his own path to a cure.

Drew and Phillip also talk about how Phillip has brought his experience in business disruption to his approach to disrupting the medical community in an effort to find a cure for his disease. Drew welcomes Ruthie Lindsey for a podcast exploring her very interesting life story including an exceptionally traumatic incident in her teenage years as a result of a car accident wherein she was broadsided at speed by an ambulance.

What I can’t understand is why the people behind the show would even take a chance on having a man who says he needs to smoke a blunt as he discusses black women who “talk white,” and n****s who don’t know how to play spades, all the while calling black women b*****s and h*s.

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