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There are also opportunities to visit pubs and other local resorts, sending feedback on any experiences to the mystery shopping website.

You could probably earn around £ 10 per week from becoming a mystery shopper, this figure is quite low because there is not alwawys work available.

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It involves signing up to a free mystery shopping website, and then you will be invited to go along to a local supermarket or other shop (sometimes a local pub), and by making some purchases as usual.

You will be expected to give feedback on your general shopping experience, which you will then get paid money or voucerhs for.

Data entry isn't really the most exciting or envious job to have, and there is usually a chance that companies will outsource work so that members of the public can work from home; simply using an Internet connection to download and upload any of their work they contribute with.

Data entry is another job which should be free to participate in, and so be wary of scam sites trying to request a fee up front.

All you have to do is find a free paid survey site, fill in the application form and then fill in an interest profile.

Then you will start receiving surveys straight to your email inbox, and will start earning around £ 3 per 15 minute survey.

It will involve going to a specific forum, and contributing knowledge or simply posting information on a specialised topic.

You will be paid per post made or per 100 posts for example.

More information on earning money from mystery shopping.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: £60 Our Money Rating: This is another well hidden online job, and it is quite hard discovering people who are willing to pay you to post messages on forums.

You could easily earn £ 100 a week from matched betting, at least for a couple of months (until the offers start to dry up).

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