Free adult bisexual chat and picture swap for couples

We've both had minor bi-sexual experiences in the past, but for the most part we're just starting to broaden our horizons bi-sexually, and we would like to chat or swap pics with some other couples with those same interests.Our main focus is bi-swapping with a bi-sexual couple, but we will play with "half-bi" couples too.If we can't drink beers or go to dinner then we really don't want to go to bed with you.

Free adult bisexual chat and picture swap for couples-1

Will be happy to answer further questions and provide better picture if we are contacted by someone whom we are intrested in (must have picture on profile when contacting us).

We've been wanting to meet a bicouple to have our 1st samesex experience with.

LOL Although we encourage all couples to contact us with any idea's you might have.

Neither one of us has had much experience with 4somes or bi sex, and that's our main focus, NOT FULL SWAPS.

We are by no means "overly experienced" in the lifestyle, but certainly not newbies either.

We are really looking for couples that we can be friends with first.

We want all four persons to be involved for sure, but we have no interest in having vaginal intercourse between our dude and your chick and vice versa.

But oral, any bi-sexual action, and group fun..are all for it! We are looking to have fun and meet people who share similar interests and who are compromising to each others' wants and needs.

Standard Members should wink at us if interested, and if we're interested then we will email you.

We encourage couples from the Nashville, Murfreesboro, Knoxville and Atlanta area's to contact us. Also note that you have absolutely no shot of ever meeting us unless we see some headshots and a picture of the couple together in form of either email, , or in your profile!!!

If so, how does the male of the other couple react?

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