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As Einstine said “matter cannot be destroyed only changed in form”, so we changed it.

Our laser did this in a very fast effective controlled manner, which was the key to the transmitter part of our Project.

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One think-tank predicted that electronic components got two times smaller each year and doubled in power every two years.

Everything was solid-state and getting smaller and smaller all the time.

Of course the process destroyed the original, but the copy was a perfect replicate of the original wasn’t it.

As far as we could tell it was a physically perfect copy anyway.

This was the end result of ten years of intense research and experimentation and for some of us it was a dead-end. I had argued from the start that there is a big difference between dead inert matter and a living organism.

Yes my machine reassembled everything that was there, everything that is except that primal spark. We never even got around to the question of how much pain the test rat felt.

We had discovered that we had to create what was essentially a giant vacuum tube with a cathode and plate arrangement to make all this happen.

Then we had to invent an Class A amplifier, in our digital age Class A amplifiers were almost a forgotten thing these days, we wanted fidelity not a sample of it.

We had actually blown the breakers at the local substation while doing our first test run.

We were back to vacuum tubes and the theories behind them.

This receiver made use of a screen grid array and acted as an advanced version of a 3D printer in some ways.

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