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In the last two days, we have seen two big news coming from the cryptocurrency space, both related to regulators.

The first was a ruling from a federal court, which agreed with Commodity Futures Trading Commission's (CFTC) assessment that cryptos are commodities and should be regulated like commodities.

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Before launching a cryptocurrency or a product with its value tied to one or more cryptocurrencies, its promoters must either (1) be able to demonstrate that the currency or product is not a security or (2) comply with applicable registration and other requirements under our securities laws.

If one goes through that whole public statement, it is clear that the SEC wanted to communicate to operators in the crypto space that either they will have to prove that the crypto product/token/coin they are offering or allowing to be traded on their platforms is not a 'security' or they will have to register with the agency and/or other regulators.

Whether someone is a crypto investor or speculator, I don't see how regulations can negatively impact them.

Yes, I know that one of the hallmarks of cryptocurrencies, something that is touted often, is that they are free from the control of governments and central bankers and thus can't be manipulated with.

This nervousness results in them cashing out of the markets in a hurry, thereby punishing even the honest market participants.

So, what will happen when regulators come in full force against the bad actors? After going through what the CFTC, SEC and the FINRA have been reiterating over the past few months, it is clear that crypto platforms will have to clean up their act.

The second news, which also came as a shock for crypto participants, was the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) releasing a public statement in which it reiterated its stand and strongly advised crypto platforms to get registered if they want to continue doing business in the United States.

Before getting into how these events will impact participants in the crypto market, let us take a closer look at both these stories.

However, as I have made clear earlier, the government or more specifically the US government and regulatory bodies like SEC, CFTC, FINRA are not proposing a control over cryptocurrencies.

All they are interested in is to make sure that the crypto market, like any other financial market, is robust and is free of bad actors.

In that statement, SEC Chairman, John Clayton had said: On cryptocurrencies, I want to emphasize two points.

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