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On Sept, 37 he wrote simply: Board Txu-ns s^of SSchool MOSCOW. It UV~Tha state board q( education turned Trldny to affairs df the Stole School for the Deaf nnd SUnd nnd n sug Ecs Uon by Gov. Gmylle Uial It seek an "evnluntlon" ot the Ooodlng In- "Miutlhn . chairman of the board, in which be urged tliat n "specinlly equipped agency" be employed to Invcs Ugate Ihe school. Icnchers resigned, saying thfv, v.'pulrt back thr pn; nlng to shift from manufactured lo natural gas said they will spend more than 7Q mltllon dollars during the next five years to expand thch" tacl UUcs and extend their pipelines to new customers, If the federal power commission approves Importa Uon of natural gas from Canada, Pacific Norlhwesl Pipeline corpora Uon pinna to spend another 7\ million to_.expnnd_and extend lis main line In Washington and Idaho. Demands for an Invcstlga Uon also have come from leaders ot the Qem State Blind nssocln Uon. Tlie teachers who rcil Kued had charged Uiat Drig Rs failed -to work closely with his faculty or to Im- prove teaching meltiods. Clara Roach, are attending Uie state board meeting In Moscow, school officials said. He S\a» said he Is not satisfied with present tsnn prices, which are five per cent lower than the? Considering big pork nuphues, Benion said, "prlcei hare held u well OS they 'can." Ha added that . H «1— The Wyoming hl Rhway department called today tor bids on aerial map- ping of the route of a proposed hlshway tunnel. Water bag hanging on front bumper of Nevada -licensed car. IMi Mercury narrowly missing woman pedestrian at Intersec Uon ot Second street west and Second ave- nue west. nie school has been embroiled In public controversy since Oct. Tlie Idaho Association tor Ihc demanded- her relnslntcmcnt, the rcslgnnllon of Dr. Drlsgs de- nied the chnrgesi Slnoe Uic controversy began the school has lost three pupils, olllclnls " the school rcporlcd Friday, Two ot the pupils have moved from the wl Ui their pnrcntfl.'the offi- cials said, nnd Uic third, who ijna receiving mettlcnl U^ntment at the school, has relumed home. the pramotlonal pr OEram to dlqtoso of surpluses on ma regular market "Is really catching on." and tbu^' this will-help the lu)g p Todneen. ~\ Child Critical After Mishap „With_yeliicle DECLO.

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IDAHO, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1955 PRICE 6 CENTS ice Fall I't Seen I Values 1 i Mod»W Tttu , of an airriculturc In C showed today Tereis any pessimism Banners over farm f^tci It is not show- r.boominp farm real [irkc L Meanwhile, in |r department office it wages for Idaho jias are higher than fbynn average of |J le Vid monthly, 30 rthoje paid daily and Its lor those paid I aim 0. jiatnt Mill the s Uenath i Uodniiiitc Klnrliii U)c tnem (piitment wbere ' ta iquilor with their d Uitlr piren LL . thin William I S-T»r-Dld uncni' It hid kepi hitn Iratn ud till Bife Here charaf d il Btll Klof Ihclr family :i! Filer and Muruugh ans Wertd the alarm, but could do nothlnic to save tlie fost-bumln E wooden stnic Atlcr tumln R In Uie alarm. The convicted Williams has been remanded to the custody of Sheriff Jnmcs Dcnliam for delivery to the place of confinement. Paul; Oscnr Kerncr, Shoshone: Kenneth Eld- rldge, Carey: R. Harper, Malu, and Chester Lnraen and Enieat naaland, both Twin Falls'. Toppenlsh, Granger, Zlllah, □randvlew, Suimyslde, Prosser, Walla Walla, Burllnirton, Port Or- chard, Colleca Place, Wash.; Eugene, Springfield and Jandleton, Ore.; Lew Uton,-ld Q:,^ind llx 'iltlier cities where franchise appllca Uoiis are pending. Dry Con Unucd wnrm Ui and Ut Ue moisture ore predicted In the five -day weather forecast re- ceived vis Associated Press.

-n July 1 svcr- ctnl hi""*'' • ihfce P*r cent on Msrcli 1 of rihouih fann product L jiifflpcd wnne live per 1 j T»r »p. Card' returned lo the bumlnft house nnd threw a few clothes and bed- room furnlshlncs out ot the window, lit thnt wns salvaged from the fire. Card- wcli-lcftmed-lhal the children- were alone In the house and Pc Rgy was trying to cook supper. Wlll Lims drov B llie truck Ihrou Bh the port of eniry without stopping nnd had Just been caught by the ntnlc policeman \Khcn a radio call from the Twin Palls police station reported the tlietl. nitten Diary Te Us «ll Daysof Torture, Deatli ■ ciiii, Oct, :■ - cite) follow, ■lldii^/,"' 'll«ry ■ that 11 took days without wotcr ■ food lo Hct her son. Soulhccnlrnl heal Ui department alatf mcmbcni attending the meet- ing Included Dr. Itelnsleln, medical director ot the louthcen- trnl health department: Mrs. Matthews 4atd he expects the company's present 10,000 cus- tomers to- grow to SO.t WO or more within five years after natural gas becomes nvn Uable.- . ■ ■'The wannth wl U bo welcoma anyway," said the AP reporter, reading Uils report: "Ut Us or no rain apd con- tinued w»rm.

• .t The large Socialist tac Uon cama to his rescue last week, lupportlns :i Faure's Moroccan program but ser- ving no Uco they lacked contldcnco In the ability of'hls Eovenunent to ^ carry It out. And he bc BVi the obaervftncfl of h U annl- veroaiy leellnj "relreahed and cheer- ful." Whllp hs s Ull miut tru Tcl cau-, tlonusly tti D hnuinlous road to com- plete rcco Tcry (rom a heart' at Uicl! Secretary ol iho Treasury Humphrey la flying In tomorrow to talk over budaelary k-«p- confereiic B on defense nnd security for itondny with Secretary of De- fense Wilson and Adm. Group to Act In Land Plan Plans to bnnf suit to evlct-aqual- cn on land In the aouthwrst acc Uon ot Ihe c Kj, ow Md by ih* Twin r»l U Chamber of Commerce, were dl»- cuaacd at the rcfular mce Unit ot th« Chamber board ft_i]Tttton_rriaty- Accordlnt to present plans, me chamber will Icl Uale letal proceed- Insi neit vtelc. Tha strike began Monday morning when 11,000 opcratora, maintenance men. SU Diamond Btreet, paid a II tins and $3 coats Friday in Twin Fal U Justice court when he pleaded guilty of opera Ung a motor vehicle without a valid driver's license.

; This time both the Csulllsts and I Socialists - so -tar . i Fjiuro'made his move at d^vn after the assembly hod worked. had been respon-| slble (or the -suicide ot Uio late Sen. by thrcalcnin E to expose the orrcsl ol Hunt's ton unless the senator re- signed, was "an absolute lie." Hunt was dne of his closest friends In the! , 31 waa ft "happy birthday" for he Is Sc LUne-be Ller-c Vcry-dav. tnedlcat bullelln tald: "The President hud a good night' riecp or more than eight houn. Hla condition continues U pranrcu sa Llatactorlly without complications." The Pruldenl'a own obcmance of his birthday vraa being limited, be- cause he is not allowed out of bed yet. at home nnd abroad, was refl Kted In tha flcorca of presenta and ihouunda ot srectinsa p Ulns up at the Denver Whlto Iloiue and Pltzalmoni anny hosplta L There was. a birthday cak&— a jlpintlc ono-nudc In aec- tlons BO that more thin 3.000 other pa Uent A and the hospl UI alalf could share. from which ELienhon-er wai prom Ued a amall allce at noon, vu decorated with an American flas and the Inacrlp Uon: "Happy Birthday. All board maabt Tt wera ursed br Kenneth Monl Eomrry, chambrr manaser, to attend a Joint mec Uni with northslda chambers In Bho- ahone Oct. Other fo Tthcomlns mretlnga an- nounced by Vonlffomcry include (he, seneral conference of the Paclllc| Northwest Trade association In Et- imc^nah,.^^l^r{PL--L Meeting Fails To Aid West Phone Strike -SJW-JRAMCISCO^Oc L-tl-IUl- Fedirsl Conciliator Arthur- Viat meeu aialn today' with both aides In ■ new attempt to find some way of lettllns the telephone atrlke. commercial, and accounllns employes left their Joba In northern California and Nevada.

located two mites aou Ui of South Park on hlithway 74 bum- thc Eround„ta little more thaa 30 minutes. president of the firm, said city councl U in both communities look unanimous action Wednesday night.

She said some grease popped out ot ttie sklllel onto tlie electric slove's hot plate and started the lire. 37 at the liolllster port ot entry by stale policeman M. Will you e that they pour a glass ot water 0" Sept. Of th:ii I have no control, if I can't hi' alive with, my mother Uke me nnd lay me by Uie aide of my la Ui- , er If I'm found In Ume. Peterson, health director of Uie Idaho state board of hcal Ui. Tempemtures 3 to 10 degrcei above normnl .through Wedneadsy." i (Probably.) the Layton beet dump and caught - betwecn-thc-t ruck-nnd "th c beet platform when the truck start- ' lo move as he was bc- ;een It and the platform. But he has indicated, ho Opposes Eolng OS far as som E OOP ' eoi T-'' ETcssmea propose— such as ndslnff prico support level* and offerlnff farmers subs ULn Uol payments to take A amplus land out of crop pro- duc Uon -tmt U pnsen Uy - held biff Burplusea are di^iosed of. And over- heard: "He U going hun Ung again tomorrow so I guess I won't get to uao tha car." ~ Probe B Into Cr J lerp 11..

It's Official The city board ot commission- ers, mee Ung Friday morning ot clly hall, canvassed Tuesday 'a election results. Ted Davis, Howard Durkhart, Wnilam A., Ostrander and Chcs- ler Larsen lo the city board n'as confirmed. H r^pccts for Idaho's alfalfa hay crop improved last month, but the ou Uook for spring wheat, prunes ond hops worsened, U. Oct, 1 wai 16,1 per cent above the 1M7-4I} nv- erajc. Favorable wealher got the credit 'wrfo TOby i Vote Request PABW. ii W-i-ft Md l^r Uko- ly defeat In the national ossemblj on Algerian •pritcte B.-ftanler ' Bdg i " ~ Pauro postp Mied s ahowdown early today by callloa for % vote of con« fidence In tils govemment. Janior Mtisle anb to Med The Junior Uuslo club will meet ft Ihn h' nrf " f A- D - M ye- SUth avenue esst at 3 pjn. r Uy CMt Called All children Uklng part In the paieant Saturday night at the Prea- by Urtan church are uked to report In room Ho. LONDONDEIUIY, Northern Ire- land, Oc L 1* If — A royal navy spokeanutn announced" today a Brit- ish search p Uno carrying a crew of ID plunged Into the AUantio ocean 300 miles oft Ireland.

The demand keeps him In offlca at least imtll T^ietdoy, when lbs vote w Ul be held. outomo Ucally ahut off delwte for 34 hours, and deputies decided to extend the eoollng-otf period imt U Tuesday. v T felt like Bulns hun (J, th-frulart and things like Uiot." Welker The senator said he hired ^ ^f^r pcoison^ column »p- " " 'a Mta last sprint, tits brother was - upset that doctors feared am stroke. The p Une was looking for Icelandic tnwler In d Utreas when It cmhtd at a ■.

11, Dallaf- - Tbe Natural Gas Companies Ready to "Spend Millions on Area Market By Tber Aaaoclaled IYcm Natural' saa companies plan 'to ipend 3S0 to 300 million dollars to capture the Pacific Northwest In- dustrial and home-hea Uns market. Pacific Northwest PIpel&ie coi pontlon already has * IM million dollar EOS development and plpc' line project underway. 11, Hurl, alter pleatllng su Hty ol spttdlng on hlgliwny 03, Sharon was arrested by State Patrolman Wlllard Bokcr at»ut II:3D p.m. i O, Texas, was e rcslcd on a char Re of runnlni; slop sign and operntlri B a truck without o chnuffeur'B license Wed- nesday alter his Iniclc collided with a IW Chevrolet pickup driven by Richard Homer. Austin Luther was fined M In Gooding police court Wednesday by Police Judfie Rnmon Ensunia for making an Illegal "0" turn. U—A Murtaugh boy and a Starrh's Ferry man, bo Ui of whom were run over by trucks Thursday, are patients at Cottage hospital, Burley. talned a cracked pelvis bone and bruises when a truck driven by his mo Uier. The _7.j*ear-old Murtaugh boy had been alt Ung on Uio truck'.i run- nln(;.baard,-movlng. He either Jumped or tell olt ind'waa run over by the front wheel ot Uie vehicle.

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