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How would you characterize American women when it comes to approaching love? American women (and Americans in general) tend to be very goal-oriented when it comes to love, sex, and dating.

Rather than setting things in motion and embracing the unknown, Americans generally prefer to set things in stone with a list of clear objectives, goals and outcomes: From the time we’re little girls, we grow up thinking about love in terms of total love or absolute rejection — unlike the French.

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French law states that you or your partner must be a resident of France for at least 40 days prior to the marriage.

You will be required to show proof of residency (such as an electric bill, a receipt of rent paid, etc.) when applying for a marriage license.

(Children are legally protected in these cohabitation arrangements.) This is not to say that these French couples are less “committed” than their married counterparts.

A couple that cohabitates is essentially married, emotionally and socially, in a very deep and fundamental way.

We tend to lay all our cards on the table, unlike the French.

You’ll never see, for example, a French cartoon like the one that appeared awhile back in the , where a couple is sitting in a restaurant and the man is saying, “No, I don’t think we need counseling.

Even as children we say, “He loves me/He loves me not” when picking off flower petals and pondering love.

A French girl, however, grows up with this refrain instead: “He loves me a little, a lot, madly, passionately, or not at all.” From the get-go, she thinks of love not in terms of black and white (either/or) but in shades of gray; love comes in a whole spectrum of possibilities. Do Americans approach dating differently than the French do? We Americans are very confessional and direct when sharing about ourselves on dates.

How do American and French women differ in terms of how they approach sex with respect to dating?

The American woman’s approach to dating is heavily influenced by the extent to which sex has either been sensationalized or pathologized in her mind.

In some cases, such as a couple living in France to attend school, or if you or your partner is a resident of France, and you wish to obtain a marriage license, here are a few of the requirements for a marriage in France: Note: provides the above information for guidance purposes only.

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