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But regardless of how much time passes, one pair remains a giant step above the rest.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're talking about the love between Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood."I introduce her as the love of my life everywhere that we go," Garth recently joked with the ladies of"We have been friends for such a long time.

Garth was a completely different person when he was in high school than he was at home.

Garth’s family was full of fun and during the family reunion, every person in the family had to participate in little games they played, either by singing or doing a skit.

Right from childhood, Garth was very much interested in music and learned to play guitar and banjo at a very early age.

Due to their personal relationship, the couple got divorced. Garth Brooks then married to Trisha Yearwood, a country singer. While at the university, Garth started working at the local clubs and bars by singing, and his talent was noticed by entertainment council, Rod Phelps.

Impressed by his singing, he offered Garth to produce his first demo.

In total, he released fourteen studio albums and all the albums received a critical success.

Garth has also appeared in numerous television series and can be seen in the movie, ‘Nashville’.

He received a track scholarship to the University of Oklahoma in Stillwater.

While at the University of Oklahoma, Garth continued his dominance in the sports and participated in the events of Javelin throw.

Our relationship is based on a very deep friendship that we've had, so we were in the position of knowing each other as friends before we ever went on a date," she previously told the Huffington Post.

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