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It’s only after an assistant hands him a black leather jacket and fake plastic shotgun with a bright orange tip that he’s more than just a speed-dating host; he’s a cyborg sent from the future to facilitate nerd love, offer water bottles in exchange for Star Gate trivia, and crack jokes of questionable taste in mixed company.

Ours is the second of three such sessions held over the course of New York Comic-Con’s three days, and something about speed dating during the convention seems to have captured the imagination of the show’s attendees. That I’m here to report on the event, undercover.“Are you single? I nod.“Are you here just to report, or are you hoping to find somebody? Only now, with the women lined up against the wall facing us, is the contrast made painfully obvious. Nearly all of the women, however, are decked out, or, at the very least, have an accessory: a pair of goggles, a bright purple wig, the aforementioned pair of Freddie Krueger claws.

She may just be sitting across from you at New York Comic-Con’s speed-dating event. ” asks the woman with the plastic Freddie Krueger glove.“Sure,” I answer, a bit baffled. The parallels between New York Comic-Con and that song are obvious, she says. No one likes a know-it-all.) The freaks part, she says, is inherent—the geeks, the dorks, the nerds (my words), all decked out in costumes and paraphernalia. I’ve got a few theories, but given the fairly limited duration of our date, I keep them to myself. New York Comic-Con, it seems, is a dirty free for all.

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He’s a big guy, certainly—a self-proclaimed stereotypical showgoer (heavy, white, nerdy)—but there’s no Jedi paraphernalia on his large frame.

We are first introduced to him outside, as he separates us into lines of male and female, forbidding pre-show inter-gender conversations, muttering the phrase “sausage-fest” several times, and generally lamenting the dearth of X chromosomes.“What kind of geek are you? I hesitate for a moment and respond, “Comics, I guess.” It’s not as popular an answer as I expected.

In an interview with Neredsbourgh’s Erin Wolf, back in June of 2012, Ryan “Geek Dr.

of Love” Glitch said 8 couples who met at Sci-Fi Speed Dating were currently engaged, and 37 other were dating seriously.

Apparently, his dating idea has become really popular, and they’re actually had to turn down thousands of people at some Comic Con events.

Searching for a girlfriend who loves horror-movie paraphernalia and anime? Javits Center is not downtown, but I don’t correct her.It is a concern, no doubt, shared by both lines, and Glitch and his scantily clad girlfriend begin the process of flagging down women.Glitch announces reassuringly to the line of guys that he met his “lovely assistant” at a past event—C5, he tells me later, short for Celebration, a semi-annual Star Wars convention, the fifth of which was held this summer in Orlando.Only, while at most speed dating events people ask questions related to their personal interests and professions, at Sci-Fi Speed Dating, people want to know about each others’ favorite anime characters, their preferred video game genre, and stuff like that.These geeks are really serious about their passions, so if you want to stand a chance at one of these things, you’d better have some geeky knowledge.He travels the country attending Comic Con events looking for single male and female attendants willing to give his speed dating session a try.

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