Girl in att 4g speed dating commercial

These options can be found within yourbrowser settings.

10, keeps up the implicit pact it has with T-Mobile (DTEGY) to whip AT&T (T) like a rented mule (video below).

It's fun to see companies go at each other hammer-and-tongs, but this is one scenario that points out how irrelevant advertising often is to corporate strategy decisions.

This information is usually stored on your computer in a small file called a cookie.

Cookies are also used by companies that provide the advertising that helps pay for the sites you visit.

Permanent cookies are stored on the computer's hard drive, but they can't access any other information stored there.

You can select which cookies are stored on your computer, by choosing to 'accept' or 'refuse' them.

Permanent cookies can retain details for particular websites, allowing these to be used in future browsing sessions.

These can also be used to identify a computer's surfing history within certain websites.

New BT Plus has arrived, bringing fibre and 4G together to give you our best connection in and out of the home.

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