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She gave birth in a hospital and then cared for Leighton for three months in a halfway house before turning Leighton over to her grandmother and returning to prison.

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But what would you say if we told you Blake and Leighton weren't the network's first picks for the lead characters?!

CW Casting Director David Rapaport revealed on Tuesday that almost starred none other than… Apparently, the teen-driven channel originally wanted big names to carry the show before being convinced to take a chance on some up-and-comers.

But, they had to set it aside and keep up their contracts by continuing to work together until the show's end in 2013., but for three years, Dobrev was team Somerhalder all the way.

Their adorable off-screen relationship was #couplegoals for fans everywhere, but in 2013 they decided to part ways, the world was heartbroken, and they continued to work together on co-stars Cuoco and Galecki began dating in real life as their characters Penny and Leonard were dating on screen.

During an appearance on and just as their characters fell in love on screen, a romance started to form in real life.

Sadly, the pair ended things before the movie officially premiere but continued to work together to promote the movie.

Related: Kelly Rutherford & Her Co-Star Show Up For Custody Battle While we're positive Rumer and Ashley would have done great, we sure are glad Blake and Leighton ultimately landed the gig!

A decade ago this fall, just as social media was fracturing pop culture into a million pieces, a pair of sophomore show-runners, a start-up network, and a cast of barely of-age millennials aligned to capture one last old-fashioned teenage zeitgeist.

Here, 21 celebrity couples who've broken up yet had to continue to work together., Bilson and Brody's professional relationship turned intimate.

But unfortunately for those in the acting world, the show really, actually must go on, even when it entails making out with your ex on camera.

siblings definitely had some abnormal chemistry on-set, and so they went on to date in real-life.

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