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If a possible complication in early pregnancy is suspected, your health care provider will use a combination of blood tests and ultrasound tests to make a clear diagnosis.

A blood test can be used to monitor h CG levels and progesterone levels.

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This information should be used as a general guide for healthy pregnancy development, although development may vary due to the mother’s health or a miscalculation of ovulation.

Gestational age is the age of the pregnancy from the last normal menstrual period (LMP), and fetal age is the actual age of the growing baby.

Thankfully, Mr Wight ignored that sage advice and, as James Herriot, went on to write the wonderful vet books which inspired a whole literary genre. Encouraged by the success of James Herriot, he wrote a new gently humorous novel about the trials and tribulations of a rural Yorkshire policeman. It was snapped up by Robert Hale and published, using the pen name Nicholas Rhea, in 1979. Thirty-five books later – he thinks it’s 35, Peter says, although he’s not entirely sure – the Constable books have come to an end, with the aptly titled Constable Over The Hill: a typical Peter Walker joke.

Once Heartbeat – the massively popular TV series inspired by his books – finished, it seemed natural to bring the books to an end, too, says the 75-year-old author, who looks wonderfully hale and hearty despite being diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer five years ago. Constable Nick, the Yorkshire policeman who was the narrator and central character of all the Constable books, has retired.

THERE’S no market for Yorkshire humour, Peter Walker was once told.

As a young policeman, he’d penned a book of funny stories about working the night shift in Whitby.One of his proudest moments was being able to persuade the press not to attend the funeral of Sgt David Winter, one of Prudom’s victims.Crowds lined the streets of Malton that day to pay their respects, he recalls.Back then, however, Alf Wight had yet to make a name for himself.There’s no market for Yorkshire humour, Peter told him gravely.Fans of the original Constable books will be delighted to find a number of well-loved characters putting in an appearance – including Oscar Blaketon and Nick’s old policeman friend, Ventriss. “Blaketon will be in his 70s, likewise Ventriss.” So there may be a touch of the Last Of The Summer Wine about their adventures – but of course written with Peter’s trademark warmth and gentle humour. It is 30 years since Peter retired from the police to concentrate on his writing – but he still has many fond memories.

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