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Sperm are amazingly resilient and can survive and swim for days in the female reproductive system, so don't make the mistake of counting on water or gravity as a contraceptive."2.

Just by going to Talking about images, in particular, the procedure of revealing hidden pictures is the same as above, but using the ‘Gallery.’ The difference is that you need to go to ‘Gallery’ and select a folder with individual images. Despite that, there are file sharing apps like Shareit, Xionee or Xender.

This software allows to hide and unhide Android apps through settings likewise.

Then, hidden apps on Android can sit just on the screen, but they are disguised in a way that nobody would even guess.

There are so-called “ghost apps” that can mask an application just by substituting the original icon.

Android devices are extremely popular among kids for their relatively low price and multiple features.

Unfortunately, in most cases, children tend to conceal their device activity from parents using different methods to disguise apps or content.

Now, parents, go and check an innocent calculator app or any other icon that doesn’t even have a suspicious title.

Who knows, maybe a usual calculator icon has a truly displeasing app concealed behind or something you would never wish your kid to use.

Besides, there are plenty of parental control apps allowing to monitor and filter kids’ devices and Internet activity.

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