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It features patented technology and takes caravan construction to a new level.It uses a number of revolutionary, innovative materials and technologies not seen in the caravan industry before.

The perfect tool for touring, Swift Command technology includes a smart LCD control panel that has enhanced functions.

There is also an exciting, free downloadable 'app' that links to the Swift Command unit, so you can be in control wherever you are with the convenience of your mobile device.

At the Swift Group we're continually looking for ways to enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors.

Swift Command is a real innovation designed to make your touring experience even more carefree.

Head to the Apple or Android store and search for ' Swift Command'.

Connect Direct is an online system which personalises each customers experience of owning their caravan.There are boxes to fill (and then carry), addresses to change, work to take off, help to enlist, bed frames to take apart and put back together again..certainly not least, but often forgotten, is the huge, time-consuming task of completely outfitting this new space to your liking and within your budget.With so many home-decorating options and stores, this task can stretch out indeterminately between price checks, feature comparisons, and trying to visualize as a whole what your room will look like if everything in your cart was there in front of you in real life together.If you have a move coming up, there’s probably greater relief than realizing you can actually get the entire inside of your apartment planned and ordered in half an hour — and like the result. If you care about aesthetics but could skip the headache of picking each individual thing, it's one name to definitely know.Customers can shop their collection of fewer products designed with specific design plans in mind, and see them actually arranged into easy-to-shop looks that they can keep or customize further.Custom notification settings keep you informed of functions such as battery levels, frost alerts and alarm status.

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