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I want more and she wants more.”I am trying Revive Her Drive, but I have my doubts.

I am married to a fantastic woman who loves me and whom I love.

I assist her with the housework to make her job easier. kissing, for your situation, is not the right pursuit.

I put the kids to bed so she can get ready for bed herself. Your gal is waaaaaay shut down or there’s something holding her back that needs to be aired.

And though you’ve been married to her for 15 years, I’ll be dollars to donuts that you couldn’t guess what it is in a million years! Her stonewalling you with silence has kept you shut down for 15 years and it’s time for some new ideas for you to get this handled once and for all.

One thing I sense is that all your romantic effort has potentially emasculated you. We need to find out what is in her head before we can take you to the next level.

What does it take to bring back the intimacy, passion, and sex drive of an indifferent lover? And I give him a few of my best ideas for defibrillating a flatlining relationship. “Your blogs and emails have been nothing short of amazing.

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