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Because they are only sure of what they can see and feel today, many ESFPs develop a questionable approach to life: “Play now, pay later” ( Loving ESFPs The ESFP’s primary social interests lie in lifting others’ spirits and entertaining them; basically, they want to charm everyone around them.

Being naturally drawn to people, ESFPs are warm and friendly without any hidden agenda.

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ESFPs are very good listeners and will often ask you about yourself but may find self-disclosure difficult.

In the beginning they are likely to answer any deep personal questions with jokes.

If the relationship progresses, they might feel comfortable enough to talk about more sensitive subjects. Like most other personality combinations, ESFP and INFJ have their own joys and frustrations.

Both have a lot in common but they also have some important differences.

Because some ESFP characteristics are commonly seen as more female than male (e.g., avoiding conflicts, serving others, being sensitive), ESFP men may feel that their masculinity is constantly questioned.

Other Names for ESFP When compared to four classical personality types, ESFP is an equivalent of pure Sanguine temperament.Dating is another form of entertainment to the ESFP, an opportunity to do even more novel things with someone they love.ESFPs move in and out of relationships quickly and easily.Another possible point of conflict is that ESFPs aren’t particularly hard workers, and although they enjoy spending and showing off, working and earning may seem bothersome.Misunderstood ESFPs Because of the ESFP’s constant need for action, others may label them as hyperactive and reckless.Other reputable authors who wrote on the subject of 16 personality types gave the ESFP personality type following descriptive names: ESFP Relationships When it comes to love, dating and relationships, one thing to keep in mind is that the ESFP is looking for a playmate.

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