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It’s true that they are less interested in manipulative, high maintenance relationships and often set their bar high.But, at age 60, they simply know what they like and how to get it.The reality today is that rather than settling into a quiet, familiar routine, many women over 60 are exploring new interests, starting new careers, volunteering, writing, creating, exercising and trying new things.

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Women over 60 have lived through some of the most amazing and character shaping times in the history of the world – the radical 60’s, political 70’s, liberated 80’s, challenging 90’s, and empowered 2000’s. Inventing a whole new stage of life, they are shaping wild and wonderful dreams, unexpected passions, challenging adventures, and a new perspective of gratitude and self-awareness.

Here are 6 myths and misconceptions about women over 60, according to our community.

One of the fastest growing demographics on social media sites is women over 50 and they are using technologies like Skype to keep in touch with their families and grandchildren.

These ambitious and capable women are not exceptions anymore – they represent the new norm for 60 women.

She was not expected to desire beautiful skin or to want fabulous hair.

She was most certainly not expected to project a classy attractive image.Many women in the community commented on how beautiful and ‘sexy’ natural grey hair could be and how pro-aging rather than anti-aging should be the mantra for women in their sixties.They described themselves as bold and fearless with heaps of energy and style.I asked women in the Sixty and Me community what they thought was the biggest misconception or stereotype that people have about our age group.They came back fighting with responses that were gutsy and enlightening. Most important they have learned persistence, compassion and perspective.The origin of this myth is easy to understand because women over 60 today are living in uncharted territory.

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