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What did Michael Jackson’s children and trusted staff witness prior to his sudden death? The shocking murder of Jon Benet Ramsey remains unsolved and dogged investigators continue to work the case – looking at clues and tips to generate new theories about who killed her. was piloting crashed near Martha’s Vineyard, it seemed as though the “Kennedy Curse” had claimed another victim. The pop star was on the brink of a comeback and scheduled to perform at a Grammy Awards party that night.

A wide range of suspects are brought to light in this episode, including the Ramsey’s maid and the man who portrayed Santa Claus at a holiday party, days before Jon Benet was found murdered. What were the circumstances that led to her misfortune?

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How did the Unabomber choose his targets and elude capture for so long?

Also featured is a new interview with his brother, the man who ultimately turned him in to authorities.

Did this dark role impact his real life and what was his connection to Mary-Kate Olsen?

“DC Madam” Deborah Jean Palfrey, ran a high-end escort service who catered to DC’s most powerful players.

From the tragic plane crash of JFK Jr., and sudden deaths of music royalty Prince, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston, “How It Really Happened with Hill Harper,” leverages CNN’s expansive archives to comb for missed clues and reexamine conspiracy theories to unveil new information that may have emerged since the case made headlines.

The series will include fresh accounts from witnesses that have never spoken publicly who can give new perspective to these stories that shocked our nation.

She was charged with racketeering and threatened to expose names on her client list.

Palfrey was found hanging on her mother’s property.

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The case was a first of its kind – a sensational murder trial with camera-ready players that seemed made for Hollywood.

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