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So judging by his secretive nature, Is Jesse dating someone new or still in a secret relationship with Sophie?

We've all seen various stars from the showbiz rekindling their romance and creating a more solid and robust relationship.

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Both of them amicably called off their relationship back in early January 2015.

After dating each other for a year, their relationship started to tear apart from their growing distance.

The story for the film picks up right where the first Incredibles film ends, with The Underminer plowing his way up into the city from underground.

At this point, the Parr family and Frozone race into action!

“They’ve been secretly dating for over three months, but only their close friends knew.

The new relationship hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Sophia and Jesse sure do look super cute together in all their Instagram pics!

If we go by our current research then they're definitely not together but then again, you know how secretive Jesse is.

Jesse and Sophie used to work together on the NBC TV series Chicago P. until Sophie decided to leave the show by her own accord. In the show, both Jesse and Sophie were enacting a role of a couple and in real life as well, they started dating.

A source close to the couple stated the reason for their break-up was, 'The Pair Grew Apart." The news came as a big shock to all the people who were shipping them.

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