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Both have beneficial effects upon my tummy, thighs and bottom, but the sensation of being squeezed like a sausage takes a little getting used to.I generally forget about my underwear once it’s on, but while at the cinema in my Spanx, I can barely concentrate on the film for the odd sensation of wearing what feels like a wetsuit under my dress.‘It’s so hard, I am a work in progress,’ she admits of juggling motherhood with heading up a global brand.

‘I sat in a grey cubicle for long enough,’ Sara says when I compliment her on the uncorporate décor.

‘I would dream about the day when I would have my own company, and it would not be all grey, it would be a happier place.’ She personifies that sentiment exactly, clad today in a canary yellow top and metallic blue capri pants.

No advertising in the world can match a seal of approval like that; Oprah no longer even bothers with ordinary pants, apparently.

And when, in 2002, Sara appeared on shopping channel QVC with her second product, the mid-thigh Power Panties, she sold 8,000 pairs in just six minutes.

The fund began with a £500,000 cheque which she won on the reality show The Rebel Billionaire with Richard Branson, who has since become a close friend and mentor.

The day we meet, in fact, Sara and her family have just returned from a holiday on Branson’s Caribbean bolthole Necker Island.I find myself much more effective because of that.’ Her motto for other working mothers is: ‘Prioritise, delegate what you can, and then let it go.’ One other outcome of motherhood is, Sara claims, her ‘bagel. ’ she asks with an impish grin, before hitching up her sweater, grasping her midriff and forcing the minimal amount of spare flesh together.It does, indeed, form a perfect, if moderately sized bagel. Sara herself practises what she preaches, wearing her own products every day – today, she is sporting a pair of Skinny Britches under her jeans.I, however, have never truly developed a Spanx habit (not for want of needing it, I might add).So before meeting Sara, I test-drive a couple of items from the forthcoming Assets Red Hot Label range: the Featherweight Firmers – a supposedly light-control black half-slip – and a pair of rather more concrete Core Controllers, mid-thigh shorts.Sara met her husband Jesse Itzler, a former rapper turned entrepreneur (he runs a private jet business), eight years ago at a poker tournament in Las Vegas, where Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were at the table.

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