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The unity of musical sound, representing the spiritual unity of prayer, completes the act of worship which has been the rhetorical goal of the text.The final lines are sung in homophony, as if the four, once separate voices have aligned under the grace of God.

Title: Illibata Dei Virgo nutrix Composer: Josquin des Prez Number of voices: 5vv Voicing: STTTB Genre: Sacred, Motet Language: Latin Instruments: A cappella Published: Description: Motet in two parts: One of the tenor parts is a cantus firmus on the syllables La mi la (whose vowels are the same as those in Maria - such a process is known as Solmization), while the other two (labelled Contratenor Primus and Contatenor Secundus in the score) are part of the contrapuntal, almost canonic musical texture.

Also interesting is that the poetic text of the Prima pars (presumably by Josquin himself) forms a downward acrostic of his name (Iosqvin des Prez): Illibata Dei virgo nutrix Olympi tu regis o genitrix Sola parens verbi puerpera Quae fuisti Evae reparatrix Viri nephas tuta mediatrix Illud clara luce dat scriptura Nata nati alma genitura Des ut laeta musarum factura Prevaleat hymnus et sit ave Roborando sonos ut guttura Efflagitent laude teque pura Zelotica arte clament Ave.

Daughter of your own son, bountiful in birth, grant that the muses may make people's throats joyful by strengthening the sound they make, so that they may strike up a stirring hymn, crying hail to you with the pure zeal of art.

Hail virgin, jewel of mankind and heaven's gate, hail lily, flower of humility, graceful maiden, hail, then, beauteous as the moon, chosen one, bright as the sun, rejoice.

Local details in texture and counterpoint often directly relate to the syntactic affect of the text, like the sudden expanse of homophonic harmonies during "solemni plena gaudio".

Following this moment comes "coelestia, terrestria...," while the vocalists join in climbing melodic lines and dense syncopation of rhythms in an attempt to evoke Mary's filling of heaven and earth.Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum, Virgo serena.Ave cujus conceptio,solemni plena gaudio,celestia, terrestria,nova replet letitia.Ave vera virginitas,immaculata castitas,cuius purificationostra fuit purgatio.Ave preclara omnibusangelicis virtutibus,cujus fuit assumptio nostra glorificatio. Ave virginum decus hominum Coelique porta Ave lilium, flos humilium Virgo decora.

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