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Fix: DNS server: Fix crash on race condition if sessions were set to time out too short.

Now timeouts aren't set in the proxy (they are a function of the DNS client). Fix: Win Gate Engine: Fixed crash in some cases in checking for changes to the system route table 5.

Version 9.0.3 (Build 5911) Released 25 January 2017 1.

Fix: Win Gate Management: Fixed display issue with categories containing special characters 2.

Fix: Activation: fix crash where user deactivates a license where the product is not loaded (e.g. Fix: Installer: check for existence of KB2533623 on Windows 7, this is required for Win Gate to load modules (normally installed by Windows update) 4.

Fix: Win Gate Updates: Fixed notification of new updates, now always notify on new updates. Fix: Minidump generation: Fixed an problem relating to generation of minidumps without exception information. Fix: Application Experience: Fixed an issue where in some cases install instance ID not available Version 9.0.1 (Build 5906) Released 29 December 2016 This is an early maintenance release, fixing bugs reported by the Application Experience feature in Win Gate 9. Fix: Win Gate Engine: Fixed engine crash when Win Gate Management connects where there are no packages installed (can happen if you delete packages registry key after installing Win Gate). Fix: Win Gate Management: fix crash where user hits F1 key on login, or language setting dialog box if they had previously connected to Win Gate 3.

Version 9.1.5 (Build 5965) Released 30 April 2018 1. Tokenize, including destruction of source string, and improper handling of empty first token. Fix: SOCKS: Properly report and display SOCKS4a if that is being used by the client (was reporting as SOCKS4) 4. Log Event function to schema so you can log to the session log from script 5. Server Name to allow policy control on destination of SOCKS connection requests where the proxy is resolving the target. Version 9.1.4 (Build 5962) Released 10 April 2018 1. Fix: HTTP Cache: Fix automatically reported crash in user interface in some cases directly after login 6.

Fix: JScript Item: Fix crash if script longer than 2k characters. Fix: Notifications: Fix crash if reporting notifications to a disabled notification plan, introduced in 9.1.3. Fix: Telemetry: Remove upload timeout (was 1min) for uploading telemetry and crash dumps. Fix: Win Gate Users and Groups: Fix automatically reported crash relating to configuration errors in authentication. New: Block pages: Added to custom responses and block page templates to report logged in user account. New: Web Admin Service: added support for custom response pages similar to the WWW proxy custom responses. New: Telemetry: Added several more attributes to gather information about the types of service being used.Fix: Locking: Reverted to FIFO lock acquisition strategy to resolve issues with stablity due to thread starvation on highly contended locks under load. Fix: WWW proxy: Fixed parser problem if response headers contain mixed CR and CRLF line endings. Fix: Credential Rules: fixed lookup failure when multiple IP-matching sub-ranges defined. Fix: Web Access Rules: Fixed display problem in rules if username contained XML special characters (such as ampersand) 5.Fix: Web Access Rules: Fixed a problem if registry merging resulted in multiple conflicting rule entries. Fix: Win Gate Engine: Fixed a crash on shutdown whilst deleting services 7.Fix: HTTP Basic Auth: Added charset auth param to challenge to indicate preference to receive user/pass in UTF-8 8.Fix: Route Table checking: Fix auto-reported crash when route table contains no routes via a gateway. Fix: Service Bindings: Fix race condition causing crash when viewing bindings while they change (auto-reported). Fix: Dashboards: Fix race condition causing crash when a dashboard is deleted and receives an update (auto-reported).Fix: Send/Recv: Report correct error code if pended completion called with error 7.

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