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Lonely Mikey (Katt Williams) -- a short, bike-riding burger flipper -- doesn't seem to have much going for him. His profile wins many admirers, but his luck seems to run out quickly whenever he meets the ladies in the flesh.That is, until he enters the world of online dating, where he describes himself as a 7-foot-tall L. Rap impresario Master P directs this romantic dot-comedy starring Lil' Romeo and Clifton Powell.

Yukari Kawahara is dating research doctor Kippei Koide (Issei Takahashi).

It is the fourth time he has been in trouble with the law this month, with his most recent trouble stemming from a warrant issued by a Seattle judge after he failed to show up for an arraignment on assault, harassment, and obstruction charges.

Two guys by the name of Silas and Jamal decided to one day smoke something magical, which eventually helps them to ace their college entrance exam.

Universal - 2001 movie, Micheal Blackson, repos, Katt Williams, nissan, Antony Johnson, full, master p, hood movie, cars, You Tube, comdey, New, Mazda, Automobile (TV Genre), Used, Trailer, Television (Invention), Comedy (Film Genre), Than, Film (Musical Group), Preview, Volkswagen, Better, you, look, like, Hyundai, Robbie In this extremely hilarious comedy, Tea (Master P) and Coffee (Michael Blackson) are two repo men who work for Mr. While trying to break their "repo record," in order to get a cash bonus, Tea and Coffee unknowingly repo a truck that contains a bag of diamonds worth millions.

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