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(Review by Wile E2005) "The Great Egg Heist" (2004).

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As part of a video Cleveland made for his family when vacationing in Hollywood, he fakes being at their hometown bar, with the help of actors in makeup, masks and/or suits.

Kendra removes her head mask (like a helmet) to reveal an actress, and Cleveland's new Hollywood friend Gina is impersonated by Reese Witherspoon in a latex mask and wig.

Then they begin removing masks revealing their previous alter egos, the masks they wore before, etc.

Then the rest except Shaggy pulls their masks off a final time to reveal duplicates of Shaggy!

(Review by Wile E2005) (1972) A corny Filmation television special where the Looney Tunes characters meet with the Groovie Goolies involves a scene when the character Claude Chaney (a Lon Chaney-esque phantom adept at disguise) demonstrates his disguise ability to Daffy Duck by wearing masks of the Goolies characters layered over each other; one of the masks is of Hagatha the witch, which he removes to reveal a Drac mask.

(Review by Wile E2005)Dead Ringers "The Stimpsons" (2005)."Survey Ladies." The Warners keep getting pestered by two annoying survey ladies at the mall. Scarelyn, a ghoulish woman Beetlejuice has a crush on, unzips her body suit to reveal a frog-like head-hunting monster queen. In a parody of "The Twilight Zone," near the end Lydia unzips her body suit to reveal Alfred Hitchcock.At one point, the ladies wear bodysuits of sexy-looking women and stand still, to act like mannequins. Once Beetlejuice takes off screaming, Hitchcock then unzips again, revealing a ghost woman underneath.A cheesy parody segment spoofing on BBC-2 losing the rights of "The Simpsons" to rival Channel 4 begins with a very obvious knock-off of the Simpsons with four crudely-animated Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa look-alikes, but then "Lisa" explains this knock-off isn't fooling anybody, and it's revealed that they are actually existing animated characters wearing masks: "Homer" is actually cartoon pirate Captain Pugwash, "Marge" is children's book character Mr. " and "The Bet") of this French-produced series based on the Italian comic (coming soon to FOX in Fall 2000) had Diabolik's girlfriend use masks.Ben, "Bart" is Charley the Cat from a series of 1970s public information films, and then "Lisa" rips off her bodysuit to reveal the animated BBC-2 logo, which explains that they can't replace the Simpsons. A cat unmasks to reveal one of Dee Dee's girlfriends (Mee Mee). In another episode, women impersonate famous actresses in order to steal jewels.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

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