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2)beautiful romance between Lee Jong-Suk and Bae Suzy (a match made in heaven! Although I expect more from the drama, I can satisfied with all of the story line and the ending.

), not only that but the bromance between Lee Jong-Suk and Shin Jae-Ha was amazing to watch. For those who searching warm, enjoyable and nice drama, this is a must watch drama.

Unlike MOST female protagonists, her character was NOT ANNOYING and was just...enjoyable.

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3) I promise you would not be bored from start to finish (every episode was intense) and i assure you will feel a range of emotions (one episode you are laughing uncontrollably and the next episode you feel teary ) I've watched several high-rated and popular Kdrama starting from Goblin to "Legend of the Blue Sea" to "Father is Strange", Money Flower, My Golden Life, etc. Hmm I'm a fan of both protagonists but I find no chemistry between them. The story line was promosing at first and pretty smart until they ruined it by adding one more person whom can foresee the future as well but somehow his dreams were different from Hong Joo's (I know he played a crucial role which helped the main characters a lot) ofc Hae In's acting was okay but I don't think it's necessary to make him had that ability too.

Also, I watched some known underrated kdrama like Healer and "Because This is My First" etc. Also it got really boring in the middle I started to skipped some part or simply watched it in 2x speed.

You could tell that this was no crappy, low-budget kdrama, and that the producers, writers, editors, artists, and actors ALL tried hard!

RATING: A- to A (9/10) SETTING/CINEMATOGRAPHY: WYWS's cinematography and setting was VERY beautiful. CAST: Of course, no one can hate Lee Jong Suk or Suzy.

One night, Jae-Chan dreams that Yoo-Beom drives Hong-Joo's car and this leads to a chain of events including the death of Hong-Joo's mother and then Hong-Joo. This is one of my Favorite KDrama aside from GOBLIN that I've watch even if months have passed & I still watching it over & over again. My mom is more flexible allowing certain things to happen but this time she did not even want to finish it and I just told her was happens next. Suzy surprised me, she really has grown a lot as an actress. But, it is really ridiculous how many people die/alnost die/get injured in this drama. On Kiss Asian, most times the comment section is literally filled with people ranting about Lee Yu Beom, haha. If anything, this show has turned me into a somewhat investigator, and I learned several things about the law. No, but jokes aside, this is a fairly good introduction to the whole idea of Law. The choice that we made may affect what we are today.

When Jae-Chan senses that his dream is about to become real, he takes extreme action to stop it. For me, it is not worth investing so many hours in it. It almost made it more unrealistic than it already is. this was my least favorite drama from the writer and lee jong suk. if only they had more romantic scenes than the procedural scenes, it would have been one heck of a ride. it was against big guns like buamdong revenge club from tvn and ha ji won's hospital ship. but yeah, this show deserves all the love and success. The story is good and the acting of Lee Jong-Suk is Excellent, especially in being a prosecutor. And how we used the opportunity given and make it the best out of us.

OVERALL: Compared to the other OVER ABUNDANCE of dramas coming out this year in 2017, While You Were Sleeping was great!

The story plot wasn't so cliched that I barfed rainbows.

Meanwhile, Jae-Chan (Lee Jong-Suk) is a rookie prosecutor. if you are looking for great script, characters, plot and etc. i love everything and the ost ughh i cried alot and laughed. sooo much love for this drama xx I was confused because its written 32 episodes, but I only found 16 eps. Because I was expected to watch more eps :( This drama made me laugh out loud, cry, and smile. if you expect romance than you might be disappointed cuz its not here but try watching 1 lercent of something. I'm love his acting solo much and love how he is always so intense, even when he is just a boy ♡ For those who say no to this drama because of Suzy In the beginning I had my doubts too because i hadnt heard the best about her acting but i still watched it as soon as it came out cause I trust Lee Jong-Suk's works. And I believe the writers made Woo Tak's character really irrelevant at some parts, when in fact, this was all about the three of them and their dreams. For those saying that they will not watch this because of Suzy, please do RECONSIDER. it's sad when ifind a recent long drama with lee jong suk but then see suzy as the female lead and have to pass on the drama. I didn't found myself bored throughout the series.. I appreciate how the writer put the effort to explain every little detail in this drama.

He meets Yoo-Beom (Lee Sang-Yeob) at the prosecutors’ office. Then I read that this kdrama was airing 35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day. I hope there will be WYWS 2 because it would be worth to see Woo Tak become a lawyer. I think lee jongsuk brings out the best of actresses around him. He's one of a kind It was one of the best dramas I have ever watched! There are so many major and minor plot twists that keep you on your toes and not to mention a great love story. I havent watched any of her works before but I have to say on this drama her acting was pretty decent and I quite enjoyed it. Though I didnt really feel the chemistry between the two of them the drama was beautifully made! It legitimately sent me on a roller coaster of neverending emotions and I've never encountered a more evil villain. Her acting was so good in this drama that I was so impressed. i can't get over how overrated suzy is as a idol singer and "actress". idk why everybody seems like they dislike suzy saying she cannot act. I loved the acting of all the cast but specially lee jung suk and jung hae in.. All scene are connected, and you just need to pay a little attention to understand them, and for me it's easy..because all of the character are entertaining (except Yoo Bum of course).

Yoo-Beom was Jae-Chan’s private tutor when Jae-Chan was a student, but an incident caused Jae-Chan to dislike him. My day is incomplete without listening to the OST's. They are really matched as a trio (prosecutor, lawyer, and reporter) and both of them can protect each other through the dreams. A wasted cast, boring, I expected some kind of improvement with the next episodes, the development of the relationship has no logic. Lee Jong-Suk character is really plain, again no development. The OST is also worth listening too there are some gems in there. Because i like how the plot and story is well written. Lee Yu Beom, I honestly despise him with all my heart. I have watched a lot of her work but I can say that this is her best. i think she has improved so much throughout her whole acting career and in this drama i think she did an amazing job. I can't say suzy is the best actress, but she is one of my favorite.

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