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“I just know when I marry my husband it’s going to be the best day of my life,” she says wistfully.Being a hopeless romantic doesn’t bode well on Mona Scott Young’s “Love & Hip Hop” franchise and Johnson’s been on the receiving end of heartbreak a few times.

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She has made cameo appearances in independent films, television & even plays.

Her latest play being “Pocketbook Monologues” stage play.

Scrappy goes back and forth between women and he’ll tell you bad things about the other woman and then when it’s her turn, he’ll tell you bad things about whoever he’s with currently.

It’s what he’s done the entire time I’ve known him and it’s exactly what happened this time. I take responsibility for taking him back over and over again when I should know better by now.

Johnson recently broke her silence on the matter regarding sex tape.

Likewise, there were also rumors that Erica Dixon and Johnson had a fight. Shay is active on the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

When Pumkin was spitting on New York and the sound effects were cued for Hottie batting her eyelashes, weren’t those the days?

It’s been years since these ladies vied for the attention of the pint-sized rapper Flavor Flav on VH1’s answer to the bachelor, The Flavor of Love but that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering what happened to all the gals.

Similarly, the info regarding her educational backgrounds and qualifications are also unknown.

Nothing much is known about the onset of her career.

We first met her on “Flava of Love Part 2” as the rambunctious 20-year-old Flav named “Buckey.” Curvacious with a smart mouth and confidence to spare, she won over audiences so much that she’s become a regular on reality TV.

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