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more Silicon Valley, with its cerebral intensity and unrelenting sense of urgency, is an all-hours kind of joint, where napkin-jotters and bonanza-dreamers patter away at keyboards, determined to wring opportunity from every moment.That kind of all-consuming careerism comes with a catch.

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dating14_050_Marv Su, a 44-year-old vice president of marketing at Vindicia Inc.

in San Mateo has hired professional matchmaker Amy Andersen of Linx Dating LLC.

Some 30 miles away in San Francisco, Andersen's girlfriends, who had similar Junior League pedigrees and Pilates-sculpted bodies, complained they couldn't meet any mates with marriage potential.

"That is when it really dawned on me: What about bridging the gap between the Silicon Valley man and the San Francisco woman, about creating new possibilities that they might not have otherwise?

"What I really came to understand is that I would have to be more methodical about dating and come up with a game plan," Su said.

So he turned to a cottage industry that has blossomed to help Silicon Valley solos meet their match: high-class, high-priced yentas.

They frequently are too busy to devote enough time to online dating services.

Meanwhile, the friends who used to set them up with eligible singles have peeled off in minivans lined with child safety seats and Slurpee-resistant upholstery.

His matchmaker is Amy Andersen, the 30-year-old founder of Palo Alto-based Linx Dating LLC, a company with a unique Bay Area twist: Andersen's company pairs San Francisco women with Silicon Valley men.

The idea came to her back in 2001 when she herself was dating a man who had loads of buddies who were single bachelors sporting Ivy League degrees and high-powered careers but few romantic prospects.

I want to have a great relationship.' " Yet how to meet a mate?

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