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The Liquidator then develops a plan to distribute the company’s assets according to the law and submits the plan to the Court for approval.In most cases, an estate will not yield sufficient money to pay claims in full; and most are not able to pay claims in a timely manner.In Florida the appointment to the guaranty association board is subject to the approval of the Chief Financial Officer.

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The maximum amount FIGA will cover is $300,000 with special limits applying to (1) damages to structure and contents on homeowners’ claims and (2) on condominium and homeowners’ association claims.

For damages to structure and contents on homeowners’ claims the FIGA cap is an additional $200,000.

The Receiver will send proof of claim forms and instructions for filing a claim.

It varies, but claim payments usually begin as soon as possible once a company is ordered liquidated.

FIGA’s assessments are computed and billed based on the immediate needs of the guaranty association that has claims it needs to pay.

Claim files come in from the insolvent insurance company; the adjusters review them, and set appropriate reserves on those files.

You may contact any licensed insurance agent to get the names of other insurers.

For homeowner’s insurance information in the State of Florida, you may contact the Florida Market Assistance Plan at 800-524-9023.

For this reason, FIGA and other state guaranty associations step in (depending on the number of states in which the failed company wrote business) to cover certain claims.

The estate’s creditors not covered by the guaranty associations usually receive only partial payment on their claims.

The processing and payment of pending covered claims will be made by FIGA (subject to the lesser of policy limits or FIGA’s maximum cap, see "Are there limits on the amount that FIGA will pay? You may contact the Florida Insurance Guaranty Association (FIGA) at; PO Box 14249Tallahassee, Florida 32317(800) 988-1450 Toll Free(850) 523-1888 FAX A covered claim is defined in the FIGA statute (F. “Covered claim” means an unpaid claim, including one of unearned premiums, which arises out of, and is within the coverage, and not in excess of, the applicable limits of an insurance policy…”.

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