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I think that's as good as I've heard." She smiles broadly.Disillusioned with the music business, he moved to Tuscany in the spring of and became a farmer for six months. Why not stick it on right now, and relive the feelings…

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Knocked out at rehearsals in a freezing barn in the Irish countryside and produced in a friend's studio in a fortnight, the album is wonderfully creaky and raw.

The feel of the way it was made – fast, yet laid-back – has given the record a welcoming intimacy and ear-pleasing consistency.

After seven years with the famously prickly Rice, she was subject to a brutal firing.

As the band was about to go on stage at a gig in Germany, Rice told Hannigan that she was sacked.

No mere backing vocalist, her influence was critical, adding a measured purity that held back Rice's tendency to be overwrought.

Hannigan plays down her role ("It wasn't my record"), but Rice was only ever partly responsible for O's beauty and richness.

DIG OUT YOUR treasured copy of O people, because Damien Rice is back.

The Celbridge singer songwriter this morning sold out a comeback date at Whelan’s in minutes, and has a new website in the works. Released in 2002, we’d put money on there being a copy of O lying around at least half the houses in Ireland.

I got to realise that it was mostly caused by me being afraid that I would let other people down, afraid that I wouldn't be good enough as a human being without the music.

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