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My boyfriend and I tried being in an open relationship for .2 seconds before realizing how much we hated the setup.

“You know you are genuinely attracted to someone when you’re in an LDR because the only thing you want to think about is her naked body," my partner told me when we first discussed the subject.

"Nothing else compares.” LDRs force you to get creative sexually.

While many people are weirded out by Skype sex, it’s actually pretty hot.

LDRs make you confront the tough choices a lot of couples put off: where are you heading?

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He read books, explored neighborhoods, built other friendships.

But then there were other times when the thought sank in that we wouldn’t see each other for another three weeks.But breaking up seemed unbearable when it came time for me to graduate college and move.We weren't alone: there are around 7 million couples in the US doing the long-distance thing, according to Dr.Suddenly, every ridiculous rom com's inevitable, crazed scene of someone running through an airport or holding a boom box in the air was relatable.There’s no feeling quite like when you’re walking down the street and you pass a couple holding hands.Gregory Guldner, a researcher who's been studying LDRs for decades.

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