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Whether you use the technical term fellatio or call it a blowjob, going down, giving head, or something else, performing fellatio is an act that requires a lot of trust and a little bit of knowledge.If you believe everything you hear, you might think that guys love this so much technique and intent don't matter. In reality, there is a lot of variation in fellatio skills, and knowing how to read your partner, what to do to him, and when to do it can make all the difference.If you're new to fellatio, you might be worried about taste and smell.

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Many men who have sensitivity in their penis are particularly sensitive around the head (known as the glans), especially the frenulum, an indentation between the glans and the shaft on the underside of the penis.

You might want to brush up on your knowledge of male sexual anatomy, to know what you’re working with.

Use Your Mouth and Tongue As your head travels up the underside of the penis, flatten your tongue so it gives the frenulum a nice wide, wet stroke.

Don’t be afraid to try different types of licks or kisses—the lips feel good when popped over the ridge of the penis—but perform each stroke repeatedly before changing to give consistent pleasure.

Try coordinating your movements so your hand and mouth are going up and down in unison.

If your partner is thrusting, your hand will prevent his penis from being pushed too far into your mouth.

There are many sexually transmitted infections that can be passed during fellatio, using flavored condoms is a great way to practice safer sex and deal with any taste you may not like.

It is also one way to help guys who say they have difficulty with condoms get used to, and excited about, using them.

It’s not necessary and a similar effect can be achieved with the hand and mouth technique described below.

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