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There also was a basement but that was still empty and consisted of only two rooms. Sure, it had all the necessary furniture and things a house needed. The walls were a creamy-white and the floor was a dark wooden one. I thought you might like some breakfast beforehand. "When I went to pick them, I think I tried like a hundred beds and I just couldn't decide! The mood somewhat dampened a bit he started playing with his food. While she danced off he shook hands bit Xenophilius and Rashid.Sirius had promised him they would get whatever Harry wanted for decorations soon. He never had the opportunity to really decorate his own room. Don't worry, Remus made it."That was another thing Harry had thought would be strange. "Just say if you need something cleaned.""No, I'm good, thanks Sirius! After getting dressed and washed up in the bathroom he jogged downstairs. ""Bet everything feels like heaven after Azkaban." Harry muttered. But Sirius didn't seem to care that much."So, I thought we could do some shopping after your meeting at Gringotts. "That lifted Harrys mood considerably."I'd love too! He almost missed Fleurs arrival but the catcalls from Atticus and Eric were enough to alert him to her and Bill passionately kissing. He made a few gagging noises once he was close enough."My poor innocent eyes." He proclaimed with a smile on his face.

From the entrance hall on it was just one wide open room on the lower floor. In her blond hair was a crown made out of ivy-leaves.

Kitchen, dining room, living room, it all was one with floor-to-ceiling windows and a terrace door that led to a huge wooden terrace, complete with chairs, tables and a barbeque. She smelled lovely, like pine-cones and resin but the tree outfit was a bit hard on the eyes.

Sirius had then suggested they'd go out for a walk before he would show him his new house. Harry had found himself relaxing and easing into the conversation. This…this is perfect." Harry said in all honesty, his thought travelling briefly to the cupboard under the stairs. Sirius seemed to relax next to him."It's a muggle neighbourhood but the wards around the house and the garden make everything magical that happens within them appear normal to outsiders, even other passing-by wizards. It's big enough for small friendly Quidditch matches."Harry laughed. " Sirius assured him, putting one arm around his shoulder. Harry was woken by the smell of pancakes and for a second he was irritated. Atticus clasped Harrys shoulder and smiled at him."Good to see you lad. "Besides, the dress was not my idea of a dress-code.""I'm sorry." Harry apologized.

He began asking Sirius questions about the trial but not about Pettigrew or anything connected to him, which brought them to the present situation. He turned to look at Harry."Look Harry, I am so happy how things have turned out. "There is no such thing as a friendly Quidditch match Oliver says! The bed was soft and there was light falling through huge windows but the room looked different from his room in France. "It is good to see you again.""Yeah well, I didn't miss your prattling." Eric mumbled.

Walking into the living room he looked around."Where is it? Whoever had told Hermione that you could let howlers be made at public magical post offices should be punished severely. " he shouted, for he was sure that it must have been his sister. His best friend jumped off his back and Ron turned around to face him. He wore normal casual clothes and around his neck hung a strange necklace that was similar to the one he'd seen Bill wear. They hadn't seen each other since he had gone with the Aurors into protective custody after the incident at Hogwarts, involving the rat."Harry! "Harry looked down guiltily."Sirius, I….""Later Harry. We have time for that later." Sirius interrupted him gently but firmly."I want to know how you are! Harry felt slightly relieved but also guilty at his relieve."I am okay. What about the rumours that you wanted to join a boyband? One-family-homes with yards surrounding the houses stood in neat rows on two sides of a road.

If any of his brothers had jumped on him he would have collapsed but Ginny was still light enough to be carried."Guess again." Said a familiar voice next to his ear. In a rush of happiness, he hugged his friend."I've missed you! Harry laughed and hugged him back."I missed you too Ron! " Harry asked him puzzled."Your new guardian." Ron said with a wide grin. "You mean…""Yeah, Sirius got your guardianship almost immediately."Harry's mouth fell open."That means…" he said slowly."No more Dursleys, that's right mate. " he shouted happily as he fell onto his knees in front of the fireplace. Are you secretly the front start of this one band in the Netherlands? The last time I tried to tell a girl that I had romantic feelings for her I let a Bludger lose and laughed when it hit her."Harry cringed. They weren't as neat and as similar and narrow as the houses on Privet Drive.

She averted her gaze when she saw he had caught her looking.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable Harry turned back to Atticus. A few silvery wisps of light hung in the air round it.

" Bill said, looking at both of them."I know you are. He stepped into the fire, showed Bill his tongue, then threw the powder down and shouted: "DIAGON ALLY! There was a simultaneous answer from the group."Welcome back to England.

But that doesn't change anything that happened or makes it better." Sirius said bitterly. Harry must have sensed that something was off anyway because he hesitated slightly in the door frame."Are we going or not? Apparently, Harry hadn't quite grasped what they were about to do, or more, were forced to do. I am always glad to see that everyone is still alive and in one piece."His eyes flickered just for a second to Alice."I know that this will not be the most pleasant thing.

While Sirius is on trial to prove his innocence, Harry is abandoned by the Dursleys who, after the Marge incident, have enough of him. And ends up joining Bill on a Cursbreaking expedition to Cambodia. Disturbing news, promises, trouble and danger keep following Harry's every step. What had those horrid muggles done to this sweet boy? Harry, form the day you were born you were like a son to me!

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