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Often children and their families do not know exactly what to expect when visiting the hospital for certain tests and procedures.

The following link directs you to a short booklet geared toward children and designed to help explain the steps of a Voiding Cystourethrogram (VCUG).

Child life recognizes the importance of celebrating these and other normal life events (including birthday celebrations, special family occasions).

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Staff at the University of Maryland Children’s Hospital partner with parents, children and teens in the hospital to develop Poke and Procedure Plans to help manage pain associated with minor procedures.

A needlestick poke or procedure may cause children of any age to experience pain and anxiety.

A hospital stay can be a stressful experience for a child. They may experience fear, confusion, and unfamiliarity with events.

Children deserve to understand what is happening to them.

Child life specialists can help children and adolescents reduce pain and anxiety during medical procedures, tests and surgeries using techniques such as alternative focus and relaxation exercises.

Specialists can also assist parents in supporting their child during medical procedures.Therapeutic play can help to decrease pain, decrease emotional distress, meet treatment goals, teach new skills, and promote mastery.Therapeutic play may occur at a child's bedside or in an activity room.As professionals trained to work with children in medical environments, Child Life Specialists have bachelor's or master's degrees in the areas of child life, child health, child development, family studies or recreation therapy.Child Life Specialists work closely with the medical team to address the developmental and psychosocial needs of children and families. During times of stress, such as hospitalization or medical treatment, play can provide a safe outlet for emotional expression and processing of experiences.They may need help understanding what is happening and how to work through their feelings and concerns about their brother or sister who is sick.

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