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“Well, I’m not married, so I’m not qualified to speak to that,” she told Vogue.

Marisa Tomei was born on December 4, 1964, in Brooklyn, New York, United States. She was raised with her family in Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn. In 2017, she appeared in the superhero film Spider-Man: Homecoming alongside Tom Holland, Zendeya, Donald Glover and Robert Downey Jr. After the breakup with his boyfriend Frank, she later lived in relation with Christian Slater.

She gave a good performance as the silent screen actress Mabel Normand in , playing a mother of two whose estranged husband kills her younger lover.

Tomei's affecting supporting performance earned her rave reviews, and a second Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

When the 27-year-old Marisa Tomei's name was read aloud on Oscar night as the winner, however (she beat out four well respected British actresses: Judy Davis, Joan Plowright, Miranda Richardson and Vanessa Redgrave), the shock was almost universal, and nasty rumors persisted that the award's presenter, the elderly Jack Palance, had read the wrong name.

Tomei's Oscar win failed to produce the kind of career boost usually expected, as she went on to star in a number of films that didn't do justice to her talents and barely made it onto the radar screen at the box office.

From the get-go, the couple had two things in common; they were both Italian, and they both had a passion for art. Although they were officially together, the couple kept their relationship on the down-low and rarely appeared in the press.

Just because Marissa never actually got married, it doesn’t mean she didn’t try.

I get food from farmer's markets as much as possible and drink lots of water.

I don't really believe in being fanatical about anything.

Marisa Tomei, who plays Aunt May in Spider-Man: Homecoming, is not married and is not publicly dating anyone.

The 52-year-old Oscar-winner has famously never married and doesn’t have any children, although there have been rumors about her dating life.

She also lived in relation with Josh Radnor for short period.

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