Mark wright and emily scott dating

'When you are in the jungle you have a bit of a friendly flirt but that is as far as it went. I won't deny she is a good catch but that is not how I feel about her.'Mark's best friend Arg is less convinced that the pair are made for each other, and has confessed: 'When I spoke to him (about Emily) he really played it down, he said she's a nice girl and they got on.' Difference of opinion: Mark's best friend Arg, pictured in Birmingham today with Maria Fowler, doesn't believe his feelings for Emily are serious, but Mark's mother Carol, pictured with Nanny Pat, thinks it could be true love She seems glad that Mark's time in the jungle gave audiences a glimpse of his softer side, saying: 'When he was born he was so pretty, he looked like a little girl. He’s a real softie.''I'm looking forward to seeing him when he gets out,' she told the Sun.

I lived in the UK for three years but I've never been to Essex before.

You need some fat on you.”It’s not gonna happen in here’ said Emily straight away.

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In 2003, Blunt made her screen debut in the British television drama Boudica, about the life of the ancient Celtic warrior-queen who fought the Romans.

That same year, she was praised for her performance as the 16th-century queen Catherine Howard in the two-part British television drama Henry VIII.

Blunt's profile continued to rise, and in 2007, she appeared in four films: the horror film Wind Chill, the romantic drama The Jane Austen Book Club, the comedy Dan in Real Life, and the historical comedy-drama Charlie Wilson's War.

In 2008, Blunt appeared in two films, Sunshine Cleaning in the role of Norah Lorkowski, an underachiever who starts a crime-scene clean-up business with her sister Rose, played by Amy Adams.

They’ve been flirting all week, but TOWIE lothario Mark and bikini model Emily have now taken their relationship to another level, finally agreeing to go on a date together when they get out of the I’m a Celebrity jungle.

As the pair snuggled up together in the celebrity camp, Mark teased Emily about how skinny she was, telling her: ‘You’re light as a feather, I can feel your ribs.

In 2004, Blunt received considerable attention for her performance as Tamsin in the independent British drama My Summer of Love, a love story revolving around two young women from different social and economic backgrounds in the English countryside.

Director Pawel Pawlikowski gave high praise to Blunt and co-star Natalie Press, stating in an interview that "Both Natalie and Emily were extremely different and very original, which is a rare thing nowadays.

”’The flirty pair then agreed to shower together the following morning, with Mark concluding: ‘Great, wake me up and I get a bath and a bit of eye candy.’ Later, the duo were seen giving each other massages again, although this time, Emily kept her bikini top on.

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