Master and slave chatting sites

If there are no mods are in the room, save the log (copy & paste), politely inform them that you need to place them on ignore and do so, then contact a moderator to report the problem.

• Lurking is permitted, however, if a free person addresses you, you must answer them.

Please contact her master at (IM or email) if you wish to discuss this matter with him.

Talia nude - Master and slave chatting sites

It is not a slave's place to dictate to or publicly judge the free.

If a free person is abusive or unnecessarily rude to you, take it up with a moderator.

Gorean that will forward to your regular email address, so you can keep your private info private click here.

Suggested response: (3rd person speech optional, but often conveys the proper attitude better) "This slave is sorry you feel that way Master.

Remember - you are apologizing for being displeasing, not for doing whatever it is you are accused of!

- Offer your owner's contact information (for an email address @chat.

Roleplay is a popular activity in most adult chat rooms, how seriously it is taken depends on the participants.

Some chatters may be content with general agreement on a location and roles like; Nurse/Patient in a Doctor's office; while others may opt for a much more detailed account of the encounter, including specifics on the room occupied and clothing worn.

Slaves are permitted to publicly disagree with the free, but must always remember their place when doing so. Being polite when a free person is being abusive or rude We all know that this is Earth and not all who claim to be Gorean behave in ways generally associated with Gorean precepts.

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