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‘But if you saw the rest of his body — it was horrendous.

His legs were white with little patches of brown.’And the singer suffered from terrible insomnia.

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’He says he was surprised when Jackson told him that he wanted children but ‘had problems’ and joked that Lester, who has four children, Lucy, 26, Harriet, 23, Olivia, 22 and Felix, 18, ‘only had to look at his own wife and she’d get pregnant’.

At first, Lester assumed Jackson wanted him to have sex with his wife Rowe — who he rather ungallantly describes as ‘a most horrendous-looking creature’.

So it’s hard to square all this normality with his extraordinary past.

Because this is the same Mark Lester who touched the nation’s hearts when he starred, aged eight, as the impossibly beautiful golden-haired orphan in the 1968 film Oliver!

He is friendly but, dare I say it, he is ever so slightly boring as he talks about his garden improvements, how he met his ‘other half’ — an interior decorator and mother-of-two called Emma on the school-run — and his recently announced plans to marry her.‘Third time lucky.

I don’t want to go through all that again, that’s for sure,’ he says.

was squandered in four years, on a Ferrari, a house (his one sensible investment) booze and drugs for his entourage, but mostly it went up his nose.

Next came a nasty operation to rebuild his sinuses and save his cocaine-ravaged nostrils, a period in rehab, an awful lot of restorative karate — he’s a black belt — two failed marriages, four children of whom he won custody from his first wife Jane after an acrimonious split.

Michael Jackson would have been 58 today, had he not died in 2009.

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