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It is this mixture that gives it its true flavour, and, for that reason it can be summed up in no single statue or painting.If Byzantine mosaic is like beer in that one needs a lot of it, Gothic art is like a cocktail in that its separate ingredients do not fairly represent its final flavour.To most people it implies neither scorn nor praise: it is just a technical term for the kind of building in which the arches are pointed.

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Fans of Bughead were left in absolute turmoil at the winter finale of Riverdale series two after Betty Cooper and Archie Andrews shared a spontaneous and - we're gonna go right out and say it - widely unpopular kiss.

While most people were too busy trying to figure out if the Black Hood reveal was legit or not, others were mourning the seeming demise of Bughead and that totally unexpected Barchie ~interaction~.

If the word Gothic has any permanent meaning it must be applicable not only to a cathedral, but to a statue or a relief.

But if we isolate an angel from the cathedral of Rheims - from its architectural context - how are we to know whether it is Gothic or not? It is a flavour that can be either hardly detectable, or, in extreme cases, overwhelming.

The Gothic spirit is not merely vertical; it leaps and soars like a rocket.

Its essence lies in its power to suggest, not the final perfection of classic reason, like a Greek temple, but a dynamic search for the unattainable.

If you’re a single reality TV star like Amber Davies, and you do something crazy like stand next to another single reality star rumours inevitably start up that you’re dating.

So yeah, when Amber and Pete Wicks were spotted out together at Sheesh restaurant in Chigwell the rumour mill went into overdrive with speculation that they’re an item.

The pointed arches of Monreale in Sicily are more closely related to Byzantium than the round arches of Durham.

The Gothic Cathedral Reflecting the increasing stability of the age as well as the growing power and ambition of the Christian Church, the Gothic cathedral was designed as a miniature symbol of God's universe.

Greek curiosity was that of a scientist: Gothic curiosity was that of a lover.

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