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READ MORE Lawsuit: Facebook Sold Messages" data-reactid="24"READ MORE Lawsuit: Facebook Sold Messages Take this: 27 percent of all Internet users in a marriage or a committed relationship say the Internet has had some impact on their relationship.

This is up significantly from 16 percent of couples back in 2005. Nearly half of a solid 45 percent say the Internet has impacted their relationship.74 percent of all adults who say their relationship has been impacted by the Internet say the effect has been positive, which suggests it’s doing a lot more good things than bad in the realm of romance.

The way we share technology can even be a way of bonding or showing trust for each other.

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In fact, things get extra complicated when you get to the sext.

A Nexis search doesn’t even show a published work using the word until February of 2012, but we all know the pervasiveness of the sext is only increasing.

Ilan Caplan, 26, said he and his now-wife continued their relationship even after she graduated from college before him and went abroad because technology allowed them to.

READ MORE What You Talked About in 2013" data-reactid="33"READ MORE What You Talked About in 2013“When we started dating she thought of it as more than we'll do it for a couple of months and then break up, but when she was going to Israel we thought we could make this work because of Skype and other technology,” he said.

READ MORE i Phone 5s: The ' S' Stands for ' Same " data-reactid="42"READ MORE i Phone 5s: The 'S' Stands for 'Same For one, 8 percent of married couples that use the Internet say they have argued with their partner about how much time they spend online.

4 percent say they have been upset by seeing something a partner does online.

In most cases of modern dating, you're going to go on several dates and define your relationship with distinct labels before one of you actually makes a call and vocally projects into the phone. READ MORE The Sex-Tracking App" data-reactid="65"READ MORE The Sex-Tracking App The three-day rule is just one of many dating etiquette rules that have been killed by modern-day technology.

Whether that’s a good or bad thing is unclear, but it is certain that technology has significantly influenced the way we communicate love, romance, and sex, regardless of whether we’re in solidly stable marriages or sexting away like crazy.

This, by the way, is the technological equivalent of sharing a toothbrush.

READ MORE Subreddit on Navy Yard Shooting Banned" data-reactid="39"READ MORE Subreddit on Navy Yard Shooting Banned And for whatever reasons, sometimes it’s easier to resolve things digitally than face-to-face.

To wit: 23 percent of people ages 18 to 29 in marriages or committed relationships say they have resolved a problem using digital tools that they were unable to tackle in person.

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