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I had hoped that our last encounter, being spanked together, would change our relationship but it was clear when Kate came home that she and I were not going to be friends.

The evening passed very quietly as we watched the usual Sunday night fare on television.

When my parents suggested I spend a week with Auntie again I agreed.

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I aimed the gun up into the air and shot a fine spray out over the patio.

There were shrieks and each lady held out a hand in disbelief. Another blast and they started to clear away their chairs and all the paraphernalia, then just as I put out the pistol for a third blast Helen spotted me and called out to alert Auntie.

I was bored, sitting reading in my room and it made it worse hearing them have such fun out in the sunshine.

Then I suddenly had a brainwave, I’d seen a large water pistol in the garage.

After lunch her friends started to arrive and I went to my bedroom.

It was such a lovely day they went out into garden and got out the sun chairs.

I went over to the window; I could see them but unless they looked up they wouldn’t know.

I remembered them all from last year and I started to feel horny, remembering being forced to strip and being spanked by each of them.

She was a slim busty brunette with long legs, and sitting between her and Auntie was Sue, who looked a little younger, she had a very pretty face though she was plumper than the others.

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