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But I’ve also gotten many notes complaining about the general practice of fitness deceit. Now, when asked to define my body type as either “Slender,” “Athletic and Toned,” or “Average” I’m at a loss.

I work out 6 days a week and I eat healthy food, but I’m in no way a diet freak and I like to splurge on the weekend.

Needless to say, I select average and move on to the next question……So, a few days pass by and I’m confident in my body choice selection.

That is until so-called “average” men start contacting me.

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Nothing against women with a couple of lbs on them but it doesn't work for me....sorry. The most common body type used is average when they should be saying a few extra pounds. The other option is asking and that tends to offend ladies.

Maybe you can help me, and a few other guys on this site. We exchanged e-mails, chatted on the phone and decided to finally meet for a glass of wine. I'm quickly finding out that Petite means less then 5' 5". If a lady states that she is Petite is it rude to ask more questions about physical appearence? then the convo's to get a feel for the personality... Petite is usually betwen 4ft11 and 5ft3 and maybe 95 to 115 lbs....slender and slim are women above 5ft3 and thin to average..theres athletic which is slender but in shape...vuluptuous which is anything from thin with semi large tatas..pushing slightly overweight. Im somewhere between slim and athletic and the lesser end weight end of vuluptuous..curvy slim I just confused ya more right? Unless average in the USA means 10 to 20 pounds over normal weight. I remember that I had a meeting with a lady many years ago.

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