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First I thought that here everything is the same, but then I started to talk to Nastya. I was so happy when we met first time and I know for sure that she was happy too. And now we are a couple and we belong to each other.

And now I am finally ready to give all what I have to the one I love!

And after 2 years of meetings and chatting we decided that we want to get married! You know I have understood it long time ago that every human being has so unique and complex personality that it is hard to understand others. When I registered on Step2love I thought that it would be easy to pick one of those beauties, meet her and create a family together. Sometimes I had a feeling that I'm trapped in my own desires and dreams.

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I became a main character in a Great Love Story of the Century.

The reason why I say this is because I didn’t even mean to look at her profile, and I knew that she lived too far away, but I messaged her and we started talking. Now 3 years later we are engaged and getting married next year. I was so happy to have met the soul mate of my life.

One day I could have a passionate feelings to one lady... For you guys I will tell that I was a true gentleman and I didn't allow to myself something more than hugs, kisses, light touch to her hair and shoulders.

Every day brought something new connected with various ladies here. We felt more and more comfortable in company of each other with every new meeting. After that visiting of Ukraine, we continued our communication.

After 8 month of communication we decided to join our lives together and forever. I have tried several sites but thanks to your site Step2I have found the missing part to my heart: Olga. She is young, beautiful, believe in Big Love, Fate and Karma. They were arguing about every detail, fought for meaningless things... They felt in love from the first sight but couldn't confess in feelings to themselves. After 6 months, He remembered about existence of airplanes, took a ticket and visited to her.

Have you ever watched movie with a great love story and thought: it's just a movie, this never happens in real life? He is mature man and experienced, doesn't believe in better future for himself. Guys, I was trying to write about our story more briefly but Olenka insisted on this style of writing.

We are going to change the little game of Barney Stinson and to make it in the following way: you have a google form with some names in there, your task is to describe those people, their personality traits, their features, their appearance, whatever you find essential about them.

I always wanted to give all what I have to the lady I love, but I couldn’t find the one right for me.

I`d like you to develop a habit to tell some nice things to people, to encourage them, and to make them smile! I`d like the people from the list to learn something new about themselves and in some moments of self-doubts reread encouraging words and believe in themselves again! Those who got to the 2nd wave were active in describing people from the 1st list / were suggested by others / deserved it for their involvement in the club`s life! Xm0t Gy P2ZCK6l C2And next time you might be there!

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