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I joined IJL on a Friday and had a call with a date on Monday for the following weekend. Unfortunately, he has not followed up but looking forward to another great date from IJL After a stressful, confusing, irritating, disappointing day on the phone with Seattle IJL and giving them a bunch of money, I'm feeling comfort and sad amusement in these reviews, so I'm adding mine to the mix. The executive matchmaker followed up the poor service with a mean phone call that sounds about like the other reviewers.

IJL doesn't like negative feedback and so deflected and acted defensive.

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They acted as if they didn't even have a reservation book. I had to explain it was a blind, first date with IJL. IJL appreciated my feedback, but wasn't apologetic.

In fact they tried to make excuses for the restaurant. I totally respect the fasting, but why would you set up a date at a restaurant when someone is not eating or drinking anything but water and forget to mention this to me?!?!

My participation in their program was not just a waste of my money, but also more importantly a waste of my time.

IJL markets themselves as matchmakers, but this is very far from the truth. As far as I can tell, they pay very little attention to who you are and they certainly do not listen to you when you give them feedback about how far their last “match” was off the mark.

She owns a bicycle and hoped to start cycling soon as part of her physical rehabilitation, once her orthopedist clears her for some activity. The ones that are positive sound to me as if they were written by IJL. Just so you know, they offered a free 3 month extension to anyone who voted for them. I filled out a "request more info" option from their web-site and received a call the very next day.

She is a nice gal with much to offer the right person. The following Monday, I asked the scheduler what IJL could possibly have been thinking . I think that they were just working to get this gal her contractually obligated number of dates. I'm thinking "nice," I appreciate the prompt response.

When I signed up for IJL in Seattle I trusted my interviewers to be able to find me dates with men who were sophisticated, stable and interesting. Two of them were dressed poorly, one was in a very bad mood and two said that the staff had begged them to have a date with me and told me they were neither interested nor had time to date anyone.

I expressed my concern to Holly several times but was told that I was difficult.

At that point I resigned the remaining months of my membership (with no refund) rather than waste any more time. That is where the perceived great costumer service ends.

I was asked a series of questions about myself and what I was looking for in a person.

I made it clear from the outset that someone that wasn’t healthy, fit and passionate about their activities wouldn’t be a match for me.

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