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At £100 it’s a real investment, so perhaps not a first choice for a newbie yogi testing the waters, but if you’re committed to your practice, this could be the ideal option.

It arrives in its own carry-bag too, so it’s easy to travel between classes.

Unlike many of the fast-paced flows we practice today, it was calm and low intensity, which meant there was little need for mats (though animal skins and, eventually, rugs were used as poses increased in complexity).

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A great option for those with a limited budget on the hunt for a professional-standard mat, it promises a supportive and slip-free practice.

Before buying, bear in mind (we can’t help ourselves) that this brand is relatively new to the market, so there’s little knowledge on how durable the mats are, and while it’s easy to wipe down with a damp cloth and a little dish soap, it’s not totally resistant to sweat and grease marks.

It is, however, machine-washable, so very low-maintenance.

At 183cm x 61cm, it’s a little longer than standard-sized mats, but is quite small when rolled up, so takes up minimal space.

Buy now A best buy for beginners, the Sticky Yoga Mat by Yogamatters is great value for money.

Its thick, spongy qualities make it spot on for newbies experimenting with warrior variations, however, it lacks the stability required by advanced yogis practicing challenging poses.At 6mm thick it's – unsurprisingly – incredibly heavy, so not an ideal choice for an on-the-go yogi, but rather better suited to someone who tends to practice in one place.It's also slightly wider than standard-sized mats at 66cm, and is available in two lengths: 180cm or 215cm, providing plenty of pillowy space to flow freely.Measuring 183cm x 61cm, it’s generous in length – ideal for those who like to really stretch out – though offers a standard-sized width.It’s made from non-toxic TPE (thermal plastic elastomer), which is said to be less harmful to the environment than the likes of PVC, but is still not the most eco-conscious on the market.Available in four different colours, the etched markings assist with body alignment and position, so you’re free to focus on the flow without fear of forward-folding in the wrong place.

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