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Casual hookups seem, to me, to be more often spoken about in TV shows that focus on heterosexual or often cis, homosexual men.

There are still the taboos and misconceptions about who can be a sexual person, or who is ‘too sexual’.

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I have found that, despite my own open attitude, actually sitting down to write an article about casual sex is surprisingly difficult.

For the most part you’ll be preaching to the choir, or else the reader will have totally different values and you probably aren’t going to change anyone’s opinions.

Almost all the girls he dated, and tried to convince himself he loved, were sprigs of aristocracy – though there were the occasional flirtations - including, famously, Sheila Ferguson of the Three Degrees.

Those names, and there are several, are never added to the official tally.

If a person has had sex with 50 people, what does that say about their values compared to somebody who is still a virgin?

I’d argue that it says very little but, as a sex positive twenty-something, I find that despite the growing sexual liberation movement within our society, there are still people who will automatically jump to conclusions about a person based on their sexual behaviour.

Whether you engage in it yourself, or hear the post-bop college gossip, or even if you just occasionally scroll past an Oxfess hook up confession (but did that person really have sex in the Rad Cam?

) With hormones surging and the ubiquitous desire for a release after an essay crisis, sex is everywhere.

Introducing him to the ways of love, according to his official biographer Jonathan Dimbleby, was Lucia Santa Cruz, beautiful and brainy daughter of the Chilean ambassador and amanuenis of the master of Charles’s Cambridge college, Lord 'Rab’ Butler.

Two other romances followed in swift succession: Sibylla Dorman, daughter of the Governor of Malta, and Cindy Buxton, who was to make a name for herself as a distinguished maker of wildlife documentaries.

Breaking down our assumptions about how other people should behave in their consensual, private lives (i.e.

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