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And...a heartfelt conversation on the anniversary of his mom's passing, shows us a side of Dean we've never seen.Mark the Producer's Mother-in-Law pulls no punches as she explains to Dean exactly why she doesn't like him. I host this podcast called “Sex Nerd Sandra.” For over 200 episodes, I extract sex tips, techniques & titillating tidbits from unique human beings & experts. Released with Nerdist Podcast Network, my show has been downloaded over 14 million times in less than 5 years and by the looks of the emails, tweets and facebook messages I get, I’d say the sexy little snowflakes listening all over the world are pretty amazing people.

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Then he gets back in touch with the woman who started it all...

Carmel, his first love and the girl responsible for his other "firsts". Dean and his roommate Jackson perform a lock-in in an attempt to get the bottom of their dating woes. V from Marriage Boot Camp breaks down the pros and cons of sexting....

I’ve been teaching pleasure and communication for 7 years now and it feels like I just got started.

There’s so much to know, so much to discover, so much to feel!

These audio documentaries are freely available for anyone. Starting on 19 March 2018, there will be a new episode every two weeks.

Listen via this website or any type of smartphone, tablet or computer.

Then it's up to Cherlie Healy - Possibilitarian who helps him understand "Love Languages". Is it a simple black or white issue or does it fall within the many shades of grey in between? Dean's Bachelorette buddy Eric Bigger joins him in studio as the two men use their "bro-time" to break down the importance of astrological signs in a relationship.

Plus they determine which signs might be most compatible for Dean.

What if I told you all the clutter you’ve accumulated […] Do you ever wonder WHY you keep attracting Mr. You know, that guy who seems great, you have a magical date or two (with amazing chemistry)… Or guy who’s absolutely great when you’re together…

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