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The dates do contain a pit, but it is big and generally very easy to remove.

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They are usually served dried, but this drying happens naturally in most cases.

The most traditional way to prepare dates of any kind is to allow them to ripen and then sun dry while still connected to the tree.

The most basic way to grow a medjool date palm is to plant a pit and wait for it to sprout, though this is also the most time-consuming and potentially frustrating method.

It can take up to 20 years for a sprouted pit to yield a tree that actually bears fruit.

They are often enjoyed on their own as a snack or as a flavoring element within a larger meal or baked confection.

There are many different varieties of dates, though all share some basic characteristics.

Some gardeners have had success cultivating the plants in indoor greenhouses, though the best fruits tend to come from trees exposed to more natural outdoor settings.

aurochs, or rarely aurochsen, aurochses), also urus, ure (Bos primigenius), is an extinct species of large wild cattle that inhabited Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

Many consumers believe that they have the richest flavor as well.

Medjools are often informally known as the “king of dates,” the “diamond of dates,” or the “crown jewel of dates” in reference to their elevated position. The fruits are usually categorized as soft, dry, or semi-dry in reference to their texture and taste.

Medjool dates are widely regarded as the “best” variety of dates.

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